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Sustainable Mothers Day Inspo!

Hey! Gift giving had been quite tough this year, not being able to go to the shops or gift experiences (like I would normally try to do!)… Amazon has been a huge help for last minute gifts! But Ive been… Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Hey! I’ve been asked a lot about what kitchen cleaning products to use while youre trying to reduce your plastic use. There are a lot of way you can do this! If you search for “Zero Waste” followed by the… Continue Reading →

5 Easy Tips and Tricks for Starting Out

Hey! A lot of people have previously asked me what they can do to get started in reducing their plastic consumption. There are so so many changes we can make in our homes that it can be difficult to know… Continue Reading →

Fast Fashion?!

What is Fast Fashion? Why is it bad? What can we do instead?

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Sticky post

Hey! It’s Emily 🙂 I’d like to start by saying I am by no means perfect. I am learning more and more about this every day from other people. More than anything, I’d love for this to be a place… Continue Reading →