Gift giving had been quite tough this year, not being able to go to the shops or gift experiences (like I would normally try to do!)…

Amazon has been a huge help for last minute gifts! But Ive been wanting to get away from shopping for convenient and mass produced gifts, however thoughtful they may be, to shopping for handmade, sustainable presents.

I think that with the financial impacts of Coronavirus on those who are self employed, amongst those working in the hospitality industry and other areas that can’t work as normal right now, has really opened my eyes to how important it is to support small businesses and really feed into your local area.

So, as Mother’s Day approaches I thought it might be nice to share some of the small and sustainable businesses I have come across recently 🙂 please show these companies some love!

(These are all UK based companies)

The Card

The very first thing we often look for before any celebration… THE CARD!

You could make your own card, of course! Or you could take a look into these guys.

I’ve recently come across an absolutely wonderful business called CW Cards, based in Wales.

CW Cards hand design their products use recycled, high quality card, packaged in compostable wrapping, posted with zero plastic! The team, Charlotte and Teifon are absolutely lovely and very helpful! You can find them over on @cw.cards on Instagram. They have just released their mothers day cards!

(If your Mum is crafty, have a look into their Brush Lettering Kits they have just launched!)


Why not switch it up a bit this year, and instead of sending a card, send a cracker!

A lovely business I have recently come across is @TheBespokeCrackerCo – there are some special Mother’s Day Crackers available which you can fill yourself, or you can buy handmade necklaces and earrings to go in them! Unfortunately my site wont let me upload a pic here, so there’s even more reason for you to take a look at their Insta!

Candles and Wax Melts

A classic gift for a Mum is candles and Wax Melts; who doesn’t love ’em?!

They really speak for themselves, so I will list a couple of my favourite businesses Ive found that sell quality Candles and Wax Melts and let you take a look into them!

@EbonyRoseCandleCo I have always recieved my wax melts in paper bags! This is my go-to for wax melts!
@RecyledCandles take old, used up candles and use the leftovers to creat beautiful candles like this! Is there a more thoughtful way to say, “I love you, Mum!”?
@CherryOfYorkCandleCo Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! These guys are worth a look into, I’ve never tried them myself but wow, aren’t they beautiful!
@by_olivia__ I loveeee Olivia’s scents! This little biz is worth a try – you can also buy soaps here!

Soaps and Skin Care

Handmade soaps are becoming more and more popular! (or am I just liking them more and more…?) You could try making some yourself or take a look into these lovely businesses!

@by_olivia__ again – I can vouch for these soaps, my fave is Rosemary and Bay, absolutely beautiful!
@kankan_london I’ve recently found out about this London based biz – whats more, when you buy a starter set, these guys plant a tree!
@SoapDazeDevon This company I haven’t tried but they make a lovely looking range of Vegan Soaps as well as Candles and Skin Care!
@UpCircleBeauty These guys use leftover coffee grounds, and other bits, from their local coffee shops to create gorgeous skincare like body scrubs and face scrubs and serums! My fave is the floral face scrub!
@FaceSkinCareUK This brand makes some lovely, refillable skin care, my fave is the Charcoal Mask (which I used this morning…) and could make a lovely Mothers Day gift!


Earrings are a great gift. They’re classic and so versatile… there are so many different options and businesses to support! Here are some I love!

@Earrings_by_Ellie makes handmade wire earrings in so many styles it would be dissociation not to find something you love, take a look! I have some heart shaped earrings on the way that I cant wait to show off!
@Earrings_byRen_x also sells a huge range of handmade jewellery in thoughtful packaging! I have a few sets of earrings and necklace of hers that I am in love with!
@Franka.UK sells jewellery made from plastic – upcycling at its finest!! If your Mum (or you!) love a bit of colour, then absolutely head over.
@crefftarian sells lovely handmade jewellery from over in Wales! They really do deserve a look into, their pieces are wonderful!


@_sew.cute sell premade embroidery hoops that are absolutely gorgeous, tote bags and embroidery DIY kits for the crafty Mums out there!
@chloe_reanne has been making these lovely postal pressies containing a hoop, postcard and hanging made of the scrab fabric to reduce waste! I looveee these!


@corking.gifts creates lovely corkboards from rescued corks… I have one I use for keys, they can be used for earrings and decoration! The same lady makes gorgeous custom prints that you should totally look into!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found what you were looking for!

Other gifts you could go for include; breakfast in bed, a home cooked lunch or dinner, a yoga class with your Mum, a handmade painting, and anything else that means spending quality time with your Mama!

Stay Safe and Happy Monday!