I’ve been asked a lot about what kitchen cleaning products to use while youre trying to reduce your plastic use.

There are a lot of way you can do this! If you search for “Zero Waste” followed by the item you are looking to replace, you will find lots of cleaning tips and tricks; making disinfectant out of vinegar and citrus peels, making your own ‘toilet cleaning bombs’, mirror cleaning solution… it really is endless.

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few items you can look into or look out for in stores!


Soap Dispenser: Etsy. Soap: ZW Shop/Tesco

So I’ve been using a fillable soap dispenser ever since I moved into my own place. I keep it filled with Faith In Nature hand soap (I loooveeee the Dragon Fruit scent) which I can get straight into the dispenser from my local zero waste shop (The Simple Weigh, Hartlepool) or I can buy the bottles, which I then take to the zero waste shop to be reused.

Dish Soap

Bought from Aldi, refilled at ZW Shop.

I was gifted some bits from my parents when I moved into my flat, and they got me some EcoAction Dish Soap from Aldi… I’ve refilled this twice now. I also use compostable scrubbies which I buy from the same shop, or you can buy them online on Etsy (handmade!). Some people love using dish bar soap, and there are tons of bamboo utensils and dish brushes available too.

Dishwasher Tablets

Lucky me has a dishwasher! My excuse for using it is that I’ve read that they use less water than handwashing all of your pots! I often put pots in as I use them, and switch kt on when it is full! (or is that an excuse to be lazy…🙈)

EcoAction Tabs from Aldi.
Smol Products, inc. Dishwasher Tabs and Clothes Washing Pods

I loved the Smol Products I bought and once my EcoAction Tablets run out, I think I’m going to go back to those, they really seemed to work much better! Thought I’m sure the EcoAction ones will have worked better for others than Smol, so just try out a few brands and find your favourite!

Clothes Washing

EcoEgg, bought via website but available in Aldi and ZW Shops.
Ecover Fabric Conditioner, from ZW Shop, also seen in Tesco.

At the moment, I am using these two products, though I love the Smol Products pictured under Dishwasher Tablets. Ive also seen Soap Nuts which are basically a certain type of berry (I think!?) shell that produce a lather. You wack them in a little muslin bag and put them in the wash with your clothes, and I’m sure each handfull or so van be reused a few times at least, and can then be composted!

This fabric conditioner smells gorgeous and cost me only £2!


Ocean Saver. Available on their site or in Tesco.

I love this! There are lots of different pods available, you jusy buy the pods, put them in some water and shake, and boom. The idea is that the pods are plastic free and help save fuel and CO2 emissions in transportation as you are not shipping the weight of water, you add that at home.

There are loadddss of DIY disinfectants, floor cleaners, oven cleaners and more if you want to take a look at some recipes but if thats not up your street/you dont feel like you have the time right now, I’d say this is the next best thing!

Surface Scrubbing

The Pink Stuff Cream Cleaner, from Tesco.
The Pink Stuff Paste, from Tesco.

I bought these two products from Tesco, but I’ve seen them both in Aldi. They are made from natural ingredients, are non-toxic, vegan and not tested on animals.

That’s a few of the products I use. At the moment, I’m still making changes, and I do still use products like Bleach, Mr Muscle for limescale, Vileda for mopping…

There are of course hundreds of other options, recipes and tricks, please feel free to share them in the comments! One of my favourites is using lemon essential oil and lukewarm water, sprayed onto mirrors and buffed with a microfibre cloth. It cleans them so well!

Thank you for reading!

8Emily x