A lot of people have previously asked me what they can do to get started in reducing their plastic consumption. There are so so many changes we can make in our homes that it can be difficult to know what to do first!

Some of my first swaps: Chilly’s Bottle, Metal Straws, Makeup Removal Pads, Scrunchie.

Here are a few tips for how to get started:

1) Make one change at a time.

You might feel okay to swap a few things in one go, but sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming, or you might find it difficult to get used to so many changes at once. The first change I remember making was switching to a Bamboo Toothbrush. From there, I sort of fell into to making more changes and honestly, I’m not even sure what came next, it just sort of happened after I made my first swap!

Bamboo Toothbrushes.

2) Keep it simple to begin with.

Start with the simple changes – Bamboo Toothbrush, Reusable Water Bottle, Bar Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner Bars, Toothpaste Tabs, Metal/Paper/Glass Straws, Safety Razor. Choose your first swaps to be easy to implement, so you can fall into the habit of using them.

@samandthesoap Soap from a small business.

3) Go room by room.

For example, you might want to start by focusing on swaps for one area of your home/life at a time. I think I started with the bathroom, using Shampoo Bars from Lush, Toothpaste from Georganics and so on. Then you might tackle the kitchen, buying veg from a local grocers, swapping to loose leaf tea etc.

Plastic Razors vs Reusable Razors.

4) Shop Less and Shop Small.

Buying less = Less packaging = Less plastic/clutter/waste. The vast majority of products available to us, for all areas of our lives, are wrapped in plastic. It goes without saying that buying less means less waste, but it can be a difficult thing to master. If you want to reduce your overall impact and don’t know where to start, this might be a good place to start! In terms of shopping small, it is beneficial to local economies to shop locally at small business, and supports families and individuals instead of large corporations.

@justmytypeco_ Bathroom Art from a small business.

5) Buy Second Hand.

Second Hand gift, my reused Gherkin Jar.

Buying second hand is the change I made that I love the most. It has saved me so much money and stops so much textile waste! It also saves me so much time when I’m shopping, though if you are looking for something specific, it can be difficult. I’ve also shopped for and received second hand gifts, and those gifts have been some of my favourites!

So there you have it – I hope this was helpful! Let me know what your first swap was and any tips you have for those starting out!

Happy Sunday 🙂